Despite the iPhone’s camera being touted as one of the better ones available in today’s smartphone market, it is hard to beat an actual DSLR camera in terms of accessories and quality. While there exists camera cases for the iPhone, they tend to feature bulky lenses that protrude from the back of the case, making it an uncomfortable fit in your bag or pocket. However if fish eye, zoom, macro, wide-angle lenses aren’t for you and you’re in the market for something simpler, the folks at Trygger have come up with a case dubbed Camera Case.


The design of the case is rather minimalistic and we like that. It features a bumper-styled design and comes with a thin slider at the back of the case. This allows the user to slide up a polarizing filter to the phone’s lens when needed, and slide it back down when they don’t want to use it. For those unfamiliar, polarizing filters help to cut glare and unwanted reflections, therefore capturing photos in a more “natural” light. Photographers who have ever taken photos on a super sunny day, you will know what I am talking about. The filter itself is adjustable via a knob that will adjust how much light can be let through, thus giving the photographer more control.

The Trygger Camera Case will be available in a variety of colors and is currently a Kickstarter project looking for funding. If this sounds like a case you wouldn’t mind getting your hands on, an early bird special will net you the case for $35 which would otherwise retail at $49.95. More information and photos of the Camera Case can be found on its Kickstarter page.

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