So Microsoft is set to release their Windows Phone 8 Apollo update later this year, but what sort of changes will the new update bring to the operating system? Could we be seeing a redesign in the UI? While that remains to be seen, deviantART user RVanhauwere has come up with a Windows Phone 8 UI concept of his own which is based slightly on the Windows 8 Metro UI desktop theme. For those who have seen screenshots of Windows 8, you guys might recognize the UI above, but what do you think of the UI being ported on Windows Phone devices? Will it work?

Based on the concept, it would allow Windows Phone users to scroll horizontally through different pages that can be set to perform or display certain items. Similar to Android with the multiple pages on the home screen, the front of the home page could be set to certain apps such as Calls, Messages, Emails, etc, while other pages deal with Media apps, while another handles widgets to display the weather, stock market information, etc. Granted it’s not the most outrageous concept we’ve seen so far, but it is simple and not a complete stretch of the imagination.

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