Google MapsGoogle Maps is one of the more comprehensive navigational tool around, even on mobile platforms, and best of all, it is free. Obviously, with Android being under Google’s wing, you can be sure that Android-powered devices tend to get the best out of the mobile version of Google Maps compared to other mobile operating systems, and Google Maps for Android has just been taken offline – meaning, it can work even when you are not connected. This is definitely handy if you are paying a visit to a country overseas and do not want to get “killed” financially by overseas data roaming.

Basically, this means that in due time, your Android-powered smartphone with Google Maps will offer you the option to download full maps of selected areas – which is different from caching routes, mind you, without requiring you to have a data or Wi-Fi connection. No idea on when this update will arrive, but “soon” is the buzzword here. Nokia executives ought to sit up and take notice as this means Nokia Drive has lost yet another advantage to its competitive edge.

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