Those of us living in the US will be getting the Ikea UPPLEVA TV sometime next year, but for our friends living across the pond, they are already able to waltz in to the nearest Ikea and pick up the UPPLEVA TV – except that this display-TV bench combination will be accompanied by an 8GB DVR add-on. Now, the question is this – will or will not the US version feature the 8GB DVR add-on? That remains open to speculation, as you have to consider the general climate Stateside, where most cable operators loathe DVRs, so DVRs aren’t having a great time in this part of the world at the moment.

As for the 8GB DVR add-on, it will open up the door to basic DVR functionality, so do not expect anything fancy here. What you can enjoy would be the rewinding and pausing of live TV, but it seems that the display has not lived up to standards that videophiles are looking for, since the responsiveness has been deemed to be below par by certain Swedish sites. Not exactly the glowing recommendation that Ikea is looking for I suppose, but we shall take that with a grain of salt until we see for ourselves.

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