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YouTube Now Available On Dish Hopper 3 DVR
YouTube is making inroads into the pay TV market. It has inked a deal with Dish which makes the latter the first pay-TV company in the United States that enables its customers to play any and all videos from YouTube right on its set-top box. Dish Hopper 3 is the first DVR to support a native YouTube experience in what’s most certainly an industry-first.

FOX Attempting To Ban Dish Network's Hopper 'On The Go' Feature
 Last year, Dish Network introduced a feature to its DVRs to allow its subscribers to skip commercials. This Auto Hop feature isn’t the only innovation Dish Network has implemented into its DVR as just recently, it has made it possible for its subscribers to watch live television on their mobile devices through the company’s Sling technology. As worthwhile as that feature is, it looks as though FOX is none too […]

Tivo Stream, Premiere 4 and Premiere XL4 announced
TiVo has announced a trio of new devices for the coming holiday season, where they are the Stream, Premiere 4 and Premiere XL4. For starters, the TiVo Stream will allow you to seamlessly deliver content stored on any TiVo Premiere box to mobile displays (including those like iPads and iPhones), where you are able to stream up to a quartet of shows simultaneously to four devices that are hooked to […]

Ikea UPPLEVA TV for Europe to get 8GB DVR add-on
Those of us living in the US will be getting the Ikea UPPLEVA TV sometime next year, but for our friends living across the pond, they are already able to waltz in to the nearest Ikea and pick up the UPPLEVA TV – except that this display-TV bench combination will be accompanied by an 8GB DVR add-on. Now, the question is this – will or will not the US version […]


Xbox 720 could also function as a DVR?
We all know that Microsoft hasn’t officially announced the next generation Xbox yet, however it looks like some rumors about the device have already started surfacing. The tentatively named Xbox 720 might feature DVR capabilities according to a patent that was recently discovered. Here’s what the patent was registered for:

TiVo Premiere Elite is finally here
 After being announced early last month, TiVo’s latest addition to its DVR line up is finally here. As of today, consumers will be able to purchase their very own TiVo Premiere Elite DVRs. What sets the Premiere Elite apart from other TiVo sets is the presence of four digital tuners and its massive 2-terabyte hard disk drive that lets you record tons of content. 300 hours of HD programming to […]

Tivo Premiere Elite, Coming "This Fall"
It looks like Tivo is set to introduce Tivo Premiere Elite, its latest (and greatest) Tivo set top box. It would be an all digital device, which means that analog cable channels won’t be supported. Actually, it’s faster to enumerate what would work with it: Digital Cable (via CableCards + decoder), or Verizon’s FiOS.  As I said, analog cable, ATSC, satellite and AT&T U-Verse won’t be supported.The specifications are interesting: […]

TiVo iPad app now available
A couple of months ago, we reported that TiVo had announced that they will be bringing an official app to Apple’s iOS tablet, the iPad. If you’ve been waiting since then, it’s good to know that today is the day you can stop waiting. TiVo has just announced that they will release their long-awaited iPad app to the iTunes App Store. The TiVo app will allow you to schedule your […]

Swann Security SportsCam is a waterproof mini video camera
[CES 2011] If you ever felt like you need to record all the exciting jungle trips you go on, Swann Security has got the product just for you. They have just announced the launch of their SportsCam which will be debuted at CES 2011. This mini camera/DVR records videos at 640 x 480, on a Micro SD card (it supports up to 16GB) and is housed in a rugged waterproof […]

Comcast Xfinity Spectrum quad-tuner HD DVR plays nice with Facebook, Twitter
The Comcast Xfinity Spectrum HD DVR is different from the other creatures in its mould, simply because it comes with a quartet of tuners, letting you use one of them to watch a show of your choice, while recording another three – simultaneously. We’ve always smiled at this paradox – DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) are meant for folks who don’t have the time to catch a particular favorite show of […]

Panasonic DIGA DMR-BF200 DVR With Built-in Hard Drive And Blu-ray Support
Panasonic has introduced what it touts as the smallest DVR that includes a Blu-ray writer and hard drive, namely the DIGA DMR-BF200. Videos can be recorded to its internal 320GB hard drive or burnt to BD-R or BD-RE discs. The device includes support for streaming multimedia and Internet connectivity thanks to the included Ethernet port. Other connectivity options include an HDMI port, RCA jacks, antenna input and output, not to […]

Amino Freedom set top box ready to hit the market
Amino has a spanking new Freedom box that is ready to rock the market, featuring an Intel CE4100m Atom processor running underneath the hood in addition to 500GB of internal storage, an SD memory card slot, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as 1GB RAM to kick things off. Apart from that, it also boasts its very own Amino-branded version of Nokia’s MeeGo OS, which means you will be able […]

VIP 922 DVR with built-in Slingbox
Own a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) which helps you catch up with shows that you miss during the day due to the course of your work? Well, are you willing to explore something new and different with the VIP 922? This model sports integrated Slingbox technology which is a first of its kind, letting you record content to your computer for later viewing alongside the possibility of doing the same […]

Apple updates Apple TV to version 3.0.2
Looks like Apple has updated their Apple TV to version 3.0.2 without much fanfare, and this update does seem to be somewhat related to the Aperture 3.0’s release, where the latter enables the way software shares images over the local network. Apart from that, this update seemed to have magically fixed long standing problems that are related to switching its HDMI output cable, while minor tweaks involving its user interface […]