Rumors of Microsoft’s highly lucrative and popular productivity Office suite coming to the iPad started last year. But as the months passed, the rumor appears to be gaining strength. Last month, the same source said that Microsoft Office will be coming to the iPad on November 10. But as far authenticity is concerned, the rumor has so far raised more questions than answers. Today, however, the New York Times is reporting that Microsoft has a version of its Office app for the iPad, but is unsure about when to release them and how much to charge for it.

“According to one of the people familiar with the effort, Microsoft still has not settled important details, such as when it will release the software and how much the software will sell for. Microsoft already offers one small piece of its Office suite for the iPad, a note-taking app, OneNote,” the New York Times reported. These are exciting times indeed. In our previous post, we mentioned that Google has recently acquired mobile productivity app maker Quickoffice, and the result of the fusion is imaginable – a better and more improved Google Docs perhaps. So, if the report from the New York Times is true, then the next question will be when will Microsoft take action.

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