Xbox 360For those who have been following the legal news in the tech scene, you guys might be familiar with the ongoing lawsuit between Microsoft and Motorola, whereby the latter has accused Microsoft of infringing upon its patents which could ultimately lead to the ban of the Xbox 360 S hardware into the US. Perhaps in an attempt to settle instead of dragging this out longer than they’d have to, Motorola has approached Microsoft with a settlement offer in which they would offer Microsoft 33 cents for every Android phone sold that uses ActiveSync technology. In return they are asking Microsoft for 50 cents for every Windows OS sold, and a royalty fee of 2.25% on each Xbox 360 sold.

However it seems that Microsoft has decided to turn down Motorola’s offer, with their deputy counsel, Horacio Gutierrez making a statement saying, “While we welcome any good faith settlement effort, it’s hard to apply that label to a demand that Microsoft pay royalties to Google far in excess of market rates, that refuses to license all the Microsoft patents infringed by Motorola, and that is promptly leaked to the press.” Do you think Microsoft made the right call in refusing the settlement, or do you think that they should have taken it and be done once and for all?

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