Microsoft has introduced a very interesting, seemingly one-of-a-kind app today for Android. Called on{X} (pronounced on-ex), the system uses JavaScript to interpret end-user instructions by breaking down codes into actions or so-called “recipes”. The system promises to let users control and extend the capabilities of their Android phone using a JavaScript API to remotely program it. on{X} works on both the app, currently available on Android, and on the web which is more like the web-based client portal wherein the recipes are stored or sort of coded. Check out the app here.

Now coding JavaScripts may not really appeal to everyone, but the developers claim that it is easy to use. By stringing together the codes, users create on{X} rules, which can then be shared with others online. First, you will need to install the app on the Android device, then you will have to log in to the website. There you can push the rules to your phone. Rules are actually JavaScript code that runs on your phone. Rules you create using the on{X} website are immediately sent to your phone using the on{X} application.

“The rules you create run on your phone, using the phone’s abilities such as GPS, text messages, phone calls, and more,” Microsoft said. Some of the recipes available right now are the capability to launch the music app when the user is walking, or the function to show the weather forecast every morning at 8 if it’s about to rain. Users can also use the “remind me to buy milk when I arrive home” recipe or even the “Text my wife ‘I’m on my way’ when I leave work”. So you pretty much get the idea. Microsoft’s team working on on{X} is reportedly based in Israel and is planning to launch the app on other mobile platforms in the future. Check out the app here.

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