How far does $14 get you these days? When it comes to mileage, not very far with the ever increasing price of fuel, and filling up your stomach with $14 worth of food is not going to do much, unless you decide to stuff yourself with fast food deals. Well, may we let you in on a secret – $14 will be able to let you upgrade to Windows 8 Pro in an offer from Microsoft as part of their Windows Upgrade Offer, now how about that? This Windows Upgrade Offer will start from June 2nd onwards in 131 markets across the world, US and Canada included.

Microsoft did mention, “Are you really excited about all the new PCs available today but thinking about waiting for Windows 8? Well you don’t have to.” This particular corporate move clearly showed that Microsoft is in touch with their customers after taking a leaf out of Apple’s book – seeing how major rival Apple handled their operating system upgrades with their Mac OS X operating system.

This upgrade will be fulfilled upon the full launch of Windows 8, although there is still no concrete date set you. Patience will see things through, as with many other things in life, so stay tuned! Strangely, we did mention an upgrade deal of $15 a few days earlier

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