Hmmm, long and drawn out affairs in the court room is definitely not something that companies would want to go through, but Apple and Motorola have had their fair share of legal spats in the past. One of the latest developments see the U.S. International Trade Commission announce that it will review an April ruling which decidedly targeted select Apple products to have infringed upon a Motorola Wi-Fi patent, and this might just result in an import ban on products that make use of this bit of technology. The ITC review is crucial, as it is the next logical step when a company wants to look for a ban against the offending Apple products, among them include the iPhone and iPad.

All Things D noted that the ITC’s review is currently being “powered”, so to speak, by petitions from Motorola and Apple, surrounding claim construction, validity and infringement. Apple intends to invoke FRAND licensing practices within the case by making an argument on whether the patent should even be enforced in the first place or not. What do you think the outcome will be like?

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