Google radial menuIt looks like Apple isn’t the only one looking into using radial menus on its mobile operating system. According to reports online, a recently revealed patent shows that Google is considering implementing radial-style menus to Chrome and Android in the future. The radial menus can provide single or dual layers of app tools that will assist users in getting the task at hand done quicker and more intuitively on touchscreen displays.

Judging by the images and description of the patent, it’s nothing out of the ordinary but it could definitely spice up Android’s UI and make it more efficient. After all, pressing Menu > command feels pretty archaic and these pop-up radial menus could help inject the OS with new life. However, patents aren’t necessarily an indication of what will come next. Google might not even implement it in the future. What do you think of radial menus? Read up more about the patent via the source link below.

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