Baldur's Gate Enhanced EditionJust a few days ago, we took a closer look at Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, where additional details concerning the upcoming game (we are looking at a September 18th date over here) were revealed, helping stoke the excitement factor even further. Well, here is some more bit of news that would certainly have all of you sociable gamers hopping around like a Duracell bunny – Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition’s creative director Trent Oster has just confirmed that this particular game will come with cross-platform co-op.

Oster’s personal Twitter feed confirmed, “Bgee will have co-op multiplayer and will work across platforms. iPad can play with Android, Mac and PC. One happy gaming family.” This sounds like pure gold and magic, where the online cross-platform support will play nice regardless of where you are around the world, and across a wide range of formats to boot. In order to pair players together, Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition will rely on a matchmaking system (which hopefully, will not be broken in any way).

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