A week and a half ago, we mentioned about the HTC Era 42 in passing, and here we are with more details that might just stoke your interest. Apparently, it seems that the HTC One X+ and the HTC Era 42 are the very same and one device, and it would most probably head towards T-Mobile. Taylor of Androidandme fame mentioned that the “plus” suffix is most probably an indicator of Tegra 3 Plus. What does that mean in plain English?  The HTC One X for T-Mobile will now sport a beefier 1.7GHz processor. Now that you know HTC’s flagship smartphone has been given a hardware upgrade, and not only that, it is nearly ready to launch on T-Mobile, don’t you think that you should start making the necessary preparations and save up enough money so that you can bring this puppy home when the time arrives? I wonder how much of an impact the faster processor would have on the battery life…

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