Once in a while, we end up looking at a particular piece of Lego art that will definitely turn heads. This is one of those times, especially when you are sick and tired of doing this particular activity known as “walking”. If you think that this activity of walking is a chore, perhaps you might want to pull some help from the Lego Motorized Wheelchair. Obviously, you are unable to purchase this from any off the shelf Lego set, but rather, you will need to purchase your fair bit of Lego Mindstorm parts to end up with such a creation.

According to Lego robot builder Simon “Burf” Burfield, this particular Lego Motorized Wheelchair is what he deems as the first motorized wheelchair of its kind in the world. The entire system tips the scales at 44 pounds, where it relied on half a dozen Lego Mindstorms NXTs, 12 Mindstorms motors, an equal number of Lego Mindstorms touch sensors, as well as 12 Rotacaster mult-directional wheels in addition to an entire bunch of Lego Technic. Not the fastest motorized wheelchair on the market, but while it does not measure up in speed, it does have its fair share of carrying capacity, capable of carrying someone up to 90kg.

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