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Aisin Seiki Robotic Wheelchair
[CEATEC 2014] Getting around when you are disabled or have an injured leg or hip can be quite a challenge, which is why wheelchair technology has developed a fair bit over the years. In fact, we did take a look at the WHILL smart wheelchair yesterday, and here we are with the robotic wheelchair from Aisin Seiki. Aesthetically speaking, I would say that the WHILL is a whole lot more […]

Intel Connected Wheelchair Commended By Stephen Hawking
Wheelchairs that are laden with bits and pieces of technology are not exactly new, as we have seen a fair number of those in the past. In fact, we have also spotted an eye-tracking wheelchair that makes it easier for the disabled to get around. Intel, a name that is more often than not synonymous with computers and microprocessors, has also dipped their fingers into the smart wheelchair market, and […]

HexHog Brings You Offroad In A Wheelchair
Most of us would think of wheelchairs to be pretty heavy modes of moving around when it comes to the mobility impaired, although the far more expensive ones do come in an extremely light form factor. Well, some other folks have come up with a rugged wheelchair in the past that was actually banned from being on the streets, although the HexHog might have a very different reception.

Zinger Electric Wheelchair Is Incredibly Light
When it comes to wheelchairs, there has been advancements made in this particular department that help them get lighter and more mobile. However, electric wheelchairs which are easier to help ferry someone around who does not have too much upper body strength tend to be heavy and bulky, not to mention having other requirements such as a big-enough van equipped with ramps. Well, the Zinger electric wheelchair intends to put […]


Eye-tracking Wheelchair Helps The Disabled Get Around
A standard wheelchair will require the two arms of the person sitting in it to get around all by him or herself, but what happens when said person has lost the use of both limbs? While there are plans by the likes of Emotiv to roll out a mind-controlled wheelchair, scientists over in London happen to be developing a wheelchair which is said to be able to move its passenger […]

Dad “Hacks” Wheelchair For Kid To Increase Mobility
Have you read the book, “The 5 Languages of Love?” Different folks express their love to one another differently, some do it via words, others through action, and others through gifts. Well, here is one dad who loves his kid so much, that he actually modified his son’s wheelchair. Shea, father to 2-year old Alejandro, whom the latter suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy that severely limits his ability to move, […]

Japanese Firm Launches 'Unimo' Wheelchair That Can Traverse Any Terrain
We’ve seen personal vehicles from Japan that blow away anything we could think of in the U.S., the latest one being the Kidswalker NT. But Nano-Optonics Energy has just launched a new wheelchair that puts the conventional wheelchair to shame with what this one can do.The “Unimo” is a one-seater electrical vehicle (EV) that looks like sofa and is capable of traversing nearly anything due to its rubber crawler tracks, which […]

i-Transport Robot Wheelchair Lets Rider Stand At Full Height
Being seated in a wheelchair to get around does take some getting used to, and it is safe to say that most of the time, you are bound to the seat’s elevation if you want to reach out for a particular object, which say, is on a shelf or on top of a cabinet. What do you do then? Get a robotic arm to do the job on your behalf, […]

JWX-2 wheelchair assistant
Yamaha does not only make great bikes and musical instruments, they also have an arm that develops mobility aids for the impaired. In fact, their latest invention comes in the form of an electrical assist unit for wheelchairs that is known as the JWX-2. The JWX-2 will make full use of PAS technology from assisted bicycles to wheelchairs, where it will work alongside the load on the wheelchair’s hand rims, […]

Robot wheelchair “grows” legs, climbs stairs
If there is one thing the modern day wheelchair cannot do, it would be to climb up stairs. Of course, all of that might very well change for the better in the future, as the Chiba Institute of Technology saw a group of researchers led by Shuro Nakajima come up with a robot wheelchair which is capable of climbing over steps as seen in the YouTube video above. The robot […]

Synergise system helps wheelchair users navigate tricky terrain situations
Getting around on a wheelchair is a snap with the right infrastructure in place, but there are moments when local council guidelines for the disabled are not followed, making it inconvenient and downright tricky for one to navigate around. Patrick Hyland, a London-based designer, has come up with what he calls the “Synergise”, a mechanical system that enables wheelchair users to negotiate commonly faced issues such as cambered surfaces. Cambered […]

Magic Carpet helps children with leg disabilities to be more independent
When we talk about a ‘Magic Carpet’, most of us would think about some scene in the Arabian desert, where there is this streetwise kid who goes by the moniker Aladdin performing close escapes from the palace guards while managing to capture the most valuable jewel in the kingdom – that of the Sultan’s daughter’s heart. Well, this self-proclaimed magic carpet is far removed from such lofty imaginations, but it […]

Lego Motorized Wheelchair
Once in a while, we end up looking at a particular piece of Lego art that will definitely turn heads. This is one of those times, especially when you are sick and tired of doing this particular activity known as “walking”. If you think that this activity of walking is a chore, perhaps you might want to pull some help from the Lego Motorized Wheelchair. Obviously, you are unable to […]

Kenguru drive-from-wheelchair electric car offers a solution to mobility-related challenges
Who ever said that people on wheelchairs are forever doomed to face the perils of inaccessibility are wrong. Enter Kenguru, considered as the world’s first drive-from-wheelchair electric car. Although some will usually outfit existing cars with the accessibility for wheelchairs, it’s often expensive and doesn’t offer a complete solution. The Kenguru promises to change all that by allowing users to drive with their wheelchair on. As you can see above, […]

Wheelblades let you ski on your wheelchair
So you are wheelchair bound – does this mean you are unable to get around in the snow? Not really, thanks to the ingenious invention known as the Wheelblades, being small and yet high-quality skis which can be mounted to the front wheels of your wheelchair with but a single click. It will also work equally well on baby buggies if you so desire, increasing the amount of mobility one […]

Tek Robotic Mobilisation Device standing wheelchair
Being in a wheelchair could prove to be a challenge in getting around places and doing stuff that able-bodied folks take for granted, such as getting stuff from the top shelf at a supermarket. Well, those who have a penchant for adventure can always get up and about in the Action Trackchair, but it still does not solve the issue of reaching high places. With the Tek Robotic Mobilisation Device, […]

Action Trackchair, the all-terrain wheelchair
Just because you are confined to a wheelchair does not mean your life is any less fulfilling. Sure, it might be a wee bit more challenging than the average person on the street due to accessibility issues in less developed countries, but that does not mean your love for adventure should be diminished – not when you have the Action Trackchair to get around in. This all-terrain wheelchair is perfect […]

Face-controlled wheelchair might be the future
We do know that life in a wheelchair is not a peach in terms of mobility, despite the strides made to make everywhere more accessible, there is still plenty of work to be done. In addition, not everyone can get around in a wheelchair by themselves – especially those whose limbs have limited capcity movement. Perhaps the research group from Miyazaki University might be able to help this group – […]

RoChair makes it easier for disabled to get around
Getting around in a wheelchair can be quite a challenging proposition, especially when the proper infrastructure is not in place. Those who can afford lighter wheelchairs that are more nimble will definitely be less tired after pushing themselves around for some time, but ROTA Mobility intends to change things with the RoChair, an invention that is rowed by pushing and pulling on a front-and-center-mounted lever.

IntelliWheels AGS wheelchair with gear system
Sometimes, do you wonder how come something that seemed so simple and yet effective was thought up by another person instead of you? Case in point – wheelchairs. Scott Daigle, a graduate engineering student at the University of Illinois, took the road less traveled when it realized that the average wheelchair lacked a gear system, so he decided to go and build one himself.