Microsoft logoThe Samsung and Apple lawsuit is currently ongoing in US courts, and you can be pretty sure that the US is not short of corporate courtroom drama, with patents being the new form of ammunition for huge companies. According to Microsoft, they are looking forward to a time of patent peace with Motorola Mobility, a unit of Internet search giant Google. At point of publishing, Microsoft is embroiled in patent litigation with Google’s Motorola Mobility, and the former hopes to arrive at a comprehensive settlement of disputes which have to date, limited sales of Motorola Mobility products in both the US as well as in Germany.

Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith and Horacio Gutierrez, head of Microsoft’s intellectual property group, mentioned, “This particular litigation now stands at a crossroads. Google can take one of two paths: it can choose either to engage in serious discussions to search for patent peace or persevere in its diversionary tactics. We hope it will choose the first course, and we stand ready to engage in good faith if it does.”

To date, Microsoft managed to convince the US court to ban US imports of Motorola Mobility handsets which make use of a particular patented feature that will help coordinate schedules between smartphones and one’s computer. Not only that, Microsoft managed to pick up a victory that limits sales of select Motorola Mobility products in Germany that were based on other Microsoft patents. Do you think Motorola will be able to work something out for a happy ending that everyone wants?

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