When Microsoft unveiled their very own Surface Windows 8 tablet, many had started speculating that Microsoft could eventually start making their own Surface phones as well. This was unfortunately denied by Microsoft, which was kind of a pity given that the Surface is a pretty nicely designed tablet with what appears to be good quality materials. However this has not stopped some from coming up with some concepts of what a Surface phone from Microsoft could look like. Pictured above is such a concept, courtesy of Jonas Daehnert, and we have to admit it looks pretty sleek and is most definitely a phone we wouldn’t mind getting our hands on! Daehnert did not state specifically what sort of specs we could be looking at, but did mention it should be along the lines of a quad-core device with 2GB of RAM, 32-64GB of storage, a 1280×768 display, a 16MPx Full HD camera and “so on”. Higher-res photos can be found on his deviantART page, so pop on over if you’re curious. So, who would buy this phone if it became a reality? I know I would!

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