According to a bunch of US experts, they have laid claim to what they deem as the most biologically-accurate robotic legs to date. They wrote about this particular achievement in the Journal of Neural Engineering, where they claimed that their work would be full well capable of assisting one in understanding just how babies are able to learn how to walk, as well as aid in future spinal-injury treatments. Basically, this bunch of scientists managed to come up with their own version of the message system which is capable of generating the rhythmic muscle signals which control walking.

One of the UK experts was excited about the work, citing the reason of this robot being able to mimic control in addition to movement, which is unprecedented. This system will be able to control the movement of its legs after gathering and processing information from different parts of the body that are involved in walking, responding accordingly to the environment. In human terms, it means we are able to walk without having to think about doing so, something that even the most complex and powerful computers will still need to consciously process and make quite an effort to do so.

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