Skype logoDo you use Skype every single day, whether it is for work as you operate remotely from your office, or for you to communicate with a loved one, where you are both separated by thousands of miles? Regardless, having the latest update to your software is more or less a good thing at all times, although there were instances in the past where Murphy decided to strike and go amok with the latest software update (not talking about Skype in particular). There is a new update available for Skype now, targeting Windows and Mac versions.

We will see the Mac version bumped up to 5.8, while those rocking to Windows will see their version number hit 5.10. Nothing really fresh has been thrown into the mix, although there will be generic bug fixes thrown into the mix in addition to unspecified enhancements that ensure the apps will continue to run smoothly. Have you made your respective updates already, and how do you find the experience?

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