I am not quite sure whether “better late than never” applies to the Samsung Galaxy Note for T-Mobile, as the world is already looking forward to the sequel, aptly known as the Galaxy Note 2, and here we are still talking about the original “phablet” from Samsung that is tipped to arrive this August 8th over at T-Mobile. The asking price for this relatively antiquated piece of technology? We are looking at $250 a pop with a new 2-year contract, and this comes about after you take advantage of the mail-in rebate. Sounds pretty expensive, and no doubt it is considering the kind of far more powerful and updated smartphones that you can get at that price point. It would be interesting to see just what kind of sales figures T-Mobile is able to ramp up with this puppy a few months down the road. Something deep down inside of me figure out that it is not going to make that much of an impact at all, and might even bomb considering how the device itself is far more affordable on other retailers.

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Samsung Galaxy Note
1280x800 Super AMOLED
Price (approximative)
~$? - Amazon
8 MP
Image Stabilization
178 g
2500 mAh
Launched in
? + MicroSD
Storage (GB)
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