I clearly remember the Blu-ray vs HD DVD war many moons ago, and in the end, Sony’s Blu-ray format won the battle – but how has the uptake for Blu-ray movies been so far? DVDs certainly still rule the roost in many parts of the world, mainly thanks to the cost of converting your entire movie library into the Blu-ray format. Well, Toshiba has since jumped over to the Blu-ray divide, and they now debut a couple of slim slot-in BDXL recorders known as the BDR-Z260 and BDR-Z250.

The two of them will come in a slim design as mentioned above, where Toshiba claims that they are 64% more compact compared to its predecessors. They will also sport a couple of Digital TV tuners, in addition to 2TB of storage space for the Z260, while the Z250 has a smaller capacity at half that amount. Shared specifications include USB connectivity, USB video recording capability and DLNA with Network Recording capacity as long as there is some compatible hardware in the vicinity. No idea on pricing as at press time though.

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