Did you play Ultima – any version of it, in the past? It proved to be one of the more absorbing single player experiences where RPGs were concerned, and it is nice to see a company like Bioware take interest in the relatively huge back catalog of history of Ultima by announcing that they will be reinventing the Ultima universe by working on Ultima Forever.


Bioware has already been working with Richard Garriott’s aged Ultima 4 intellectual property in order to develop a brand new entry in EA’s expanding collection of free-to-play titles. Very little else is known about Ultima Forever, so it is anybody’s guess as to how the game is going to be like. According to Ultima Forever’s lead designer, Kate Flack, “We’re in alpha at the moment, and we’ll be leading towards closed beta soon.”

It does seem to start off life as an iPad game first, before moving to other platforms. Hopefully there will be adequate thought put into the control scheme for a RPG on a tablet form factor.

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