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Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3 fail to activate

You know, being an early adopter is always nice and fun, not to mention the bragging rights that come with it, but sometimes, Murphy just decides to strike. Case in point, those who placed their pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S3 a long time ago, having finally received them in their hands today, have reported that these spanking new Android-powered devices were unable to be activated on Verizon’s network.

Perhaps this is a result of the Galaxy S3’s official launch on Verizon’s network which is due to happen in a few days’ time, so the network is just not quite ready for them yet. However, this particular defense does sound rather porous when you consider how there are also folks testing the Galaxy S3 on Verizon’s network itself. For those of you who are subscribed to Big Red and do own a Galaxy S3, which category do you fall under – does your Galaxy S3 work or not? Patience does seem to be the best remedy for those affected.

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