Windows Phone 8Keen to know more about what’s coming in Windows Phone 8? Well, the recently leaked preview Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows 8 has got some of the answers. According to reports online, apps on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 are allowed to share a significant amount of code which should make porting apps between the two operating systems much easier. Direct3D support is also said to be arriving on Windows Phone, so we should see some games using DirectX and sharing code with PC titles.

While HTML apps won’t be supported in Windows Phone 8, it will have some features that make it less of a problem i.e. the ability to create text boxes that behave just like their HTML and XAML counterparts. Speech recognition is now possible, deeper camera configuration, Bluetooth stack (which lets two phones to communicate running the same app) and in-app purchasing. It sounds like we’ll be able to have a lot more complex and useful apps in Windows Phone 8 thanks to all these new APIs.

However, since these APIs were discovered in the preview SDK for Windows 8, you should be able to expect a lot more features to come in the future.

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