If the rumors are to be believed, come September not only can we expect a next-gen iPhone from Apple, but the rumored iPad mini could finally be making its debut as well, along with a possible refresh of the iPod nano. Well perhaps rumors of the iPad mini might turn out to be true as according to reports, Apple is telling its premium resellers in Europe to make adjustments to their display space and dedicate more of it to the iPad, stating that these adjustments will need to be completed by the 12th of September. Coincidentally the 12th of September date is also when Apple is rumored to be making an announcement where they will reveal the new iPhone and the iPad mini. At this point in time it is unclear as to what exactly Apple has planned, but many believe it could be related to the iPad mini. Some resellers have also reported that in order to clear the space for more iPads, models such as the Mac Pro and the Mac mini have been removed. Could we really be seeing an iPad mini this September? We guess we don’t have long to wait so remember to check back with us for the updates!

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