September is certainly a month to look forward to, especially if you’re a fan of Apple products. While nothing has been set in stone yet, many believe that Apple will be introducing to the world their next-gen iPhone and the rumored iPad mini. However it seems that there might be more and a refreshed iPod nano could be one of the products revealed as well. With the iPod nano due for a refresh, a possible tie-in with the September announcement isn’t really a stretch of the imagination, plus with major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy apparently running low on stock (or completely out of stock) on the iPod nano, it seems that a refresh could indeed be imminent.

These are some of the tell-tale signs that you can look out for, because if Apple was planning on introducing a refresh product, they will usually tell their retailers to wait for new stock instead of shipping them existing ones. On the flipside there could always be something wrong with the manufacturing process which could explain shortages, but a refresh would seem more likely. In any case we will be keeping our eyes peeled, so remember to check back with us in September for the details!

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