As we get closer to the fourth week of August, Blizzard has begun to reveal more changes that they will be making to the game once patch 1.0.4 is released to the public. We have covered the changes they will be making Legendary items, and Blizzard has since released more previews of the changes they will be making for the classes. So far only the Barbarian and Wizard class has been detailed, but we expect the remaining classes to receive the same amount of attention during the course of the coming weeks (if not days). While you can head on over to the Diablo 3 website for the full run down, the previews basically touch on the different skills and runes of both classes, and how they were making changes to them to make some skills be more attractive.

When Diablo 3 was being developed, some of the things that Blizzard touch upon was how they did not want classes to have a cookie cutter spec, unlike World of Warcraft where classes were pretty much locked to a certain style of playing due to it being able to output more DPS, survive longer or heal better. The changes that patch 1.0.4 will make to Diablo 3 will attempt to steer players away from pre-made builds and to explore their options and less popular skill choices. So if you’d like to learn more, the Wizard preview can be found here, while the Barbarian preview can be found here.

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