GameNote, a local website in South Korea that delivers fresh online gaming news of the community has reported that Diablo 3’s popularity in the Starcraft mad country has plummeted rather drastically, dropping out of the top 10 list compared to last week. It sits outside of the list at just number 11, which saw it take a jump down by 8 massive places compared to a week ago. This might not come across as surprising, as it could be just the novelty factor wearing off, or some other games at the moment capturing the attention of the South Korean market. Either way, do you think that Diablo 3 will be able to stabilize its position in the market and make some headway up north for the coming week ahead?

Apart from that, it is nice to hear that Blizzard Entertainment, the developer behind Diablo 3, had announced recently that they have increased server capacity for the Asian region in order to further stabilize the server glitches and delays which were associated with the game, leading to numerous complaints from South Korean gamers who are used to lag-free gaming thanks to their infrastructure.

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