Google is bringing good news to all Chrome users on Windows today. After two long years of working with Adobe to sandbox the Flash Player plug-in, the Google Chrome team is finally announcing its new plug-in architecture that improves the sandboxing of Flash on Windows. Google’s announcement today comes right after last week’s Chrome Stable release that included a new API known as getUserMedia. Google said that they were finally able to ship PPAPI Flash to all Windows Chrome users, thereby improving its security and stability, as well as performance down the line.

Windows XP users will also find the update nifty as Flash is also sandboxed on the old platform. “Chrome OS has had this deeper Flash sandboxing from the beginning, Linux has had it since Chrome’s last stable release, and Mac support is on the way. Ultimately, this means a safer experience for you as you browse the web,” said Viet-Trung Luu, Software Engineer for Google Chrome. “We take the security of Chrome extremely seriously, so we’re excited to be delivering these enhanced protections, and we’ve enjoyed collaborating with Adobe on this effort.”

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