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Microsoft Will Remove Flash From Windows 10 Computers This Summer
Now that Flash has officially reached its end of life, it seems that Microsoft will also be taking more proactive steps in removing it from Windows 10 computers. This is according to an updated blog post on Microsoft’s website where they revealed that they will include a Flash Player removal tool in Windows 10 patches starting this summer.

Apple Tried To Help Adobe Bring Flash Onto iOS
Apple’s mobile devices have never supported Adobe Flash. In fact, it was one of the marketing strategies that Apple’s competitors used to use against the company back in the day. However, given where we are now with Flash, we suppose it all kind of worked out in the end, but it turns out that somewhere along the way, Apple had tried to help Adobe out.

How To Uninstall Flash Player On Windows 10 + macOS
Now that support for Adobe Flash has officially come to an end, here’s what you’ll need to do if you wish to remove Flash Player from either Windows 10 or macOS.

Latest Windows 10 Update Removes Adobe Flash From Your Computer
At the end of 2020, Adobe will be officially retiring Flash for good. It had a good long run and we have to give it credit for paving the way for platforms like YouTube, but we suppose like all good things, it has to come to an end, especially given that the past few years, Flash has proven to be more problematic than useful.


Adobe’s Flash Will Officially Reach The End Of Its Life On December 31, 2020
Remember in the early days of the web where Flash was pretty much used everywhere? It was an amazing tool that allowed website developers to create interactive content on their websites, such as games. It also allowed developers to embed video players, media players, and the likes.

Fake Flash Update Trojan Is Infecting Mac Computers
Adobe’s Flash platform has been slowly deprecated from use over the years. Companies who have developed browsers, such as Apple, have also disabled the feature by default a few years ago. Unfortunately, it seems that there are still malware out there that is infecting Mac computers.

Google To Stop Indexing Websites With Flash In Search
Back in the day when websites were static, Flash seemed like a godsend piece of technology, where it saw an explosion in media-rich websites and content, where complex games could now be played directly in the browser itself. However, over the years, Flash has become more or a liability than an asset.

Millions Of Mac Computers Exposed To Malvertising Scam
These days the majority of web content is powered using HTML5, although there are still some websites that are holding out and are still relying on Adobe’s Flash Player. This is something that scammers seem to be aware of and are taking advantage of it as well, according to a report from security firm Confiant (via Tom’s Guide) where it was recently discovered that at least 1 million Mac computers […]

Chrome Will Start Warning Users Of Flash Player’s Deprecation
Back in the early days of the internet where interactive content was starting to become popular on websites, Adobe’s Flash was the darling of the industry where pretty much every website attempted to incorporate its use, whether it be for site navigation, embedding videos, or even creating games.

Adobe Petitioned To Make Flash Open Source
Adobe has been stringing along Flash for years even though calls have intensified for this outdated web technology to bite the dust. Most web browsers have actively started blocking Flash to safeguard their users against the various threats that materialize due to Flash-based content. Adobe recently confirmed when it’s going to discontinue Flash for good. However, some would like Adobe to keep Flash around, particularly for “future generations.”

FedEx Offering Customers $5 For The Inconvenience Of Using Flash
It is no secret that the Flash standard is no longer the darling of the internet. Many companies have announced their plans to eventually phase out its use from their websites if they haven’t already, with many turning to HTML5 which is more or less the standard for today. However some websites still use Flash, and FedEx is one of them.

Microsoft Edge To Start Blocking Flash By Default Next Year
Earlier this month we reported that Google had updated its Chrome browser to disable Adobe’s Flash by default. Given the various security scares we’ve had, and with many websites now starting to switch to HTML5, it made perfect sense. However for non-Chrome users, those changes are coming your way in the near future, especially if you use the Edge browser.

Latest Chrome Update Will Disable Flash Automatically
It is no secret that Flash has pretty much lost its darling status as a tool for web developers. Heralded back in the day as being a means of bringing new multimedia content onto the web, the protocol has in recent years fallen to the wayside due to a bunch of security issues, and the fact that HTML5 has pretty much superseded it.

Twitch Is Ditching Its Flash Video Player
Popular game streaming service Twitch continues to rely on Adobe Flash to deliver video even though the outdated web technology is quickly being ditched. Twitch is now finally getting on the program. The Amazon-owned company has confirmed today that it’s beta testing its lighter and faster HTML5 video player which is eventually going to completely replace its Flash counterpart. Twitch says that the HTML5 player has been one of the […]

Flash Deactivated In Safari 10 By Default
Flash isn’t viewed favorably anymore and it’s increasingly being dropped for more advanced and safe web technologies. Apple has hammered in another nail in Flash’s coffin by confirming that Flash will be deactivated in Safari 10 by default. This was confirmed by Apple engineer Ricky Mondello in a post on the WebKit blog. Safari 10 is the latest version of Apple’s web browser that will ship with macOS Sierra this fall.

Google To Start Blocking Flash In Chrome This Year
Adobe’s Flash platform is no longer what it used to be. Granted it helped pave the way for the dynamic websites that we all know today, but these days it is pretty obvious that web developers tend to favor HTML5 more than Flash. In fact last year Google announced that they would be freezing non-important Flash files in Chrome, but this year could spell the death of it.

Microsoft Edge To Start Pausing Less Important Flash Content
While Flash might have been an instrumental tool in web development back in the day, these days the feature seems to provide a fair amount of security headaches for web developers. In fact last year, Google announced that they would begin to pause Flash files that they deem not important. The idea is that it will help improve the experience for users.

Google Dropping Support For Flash Ads, Turns To HTML5
A recent report has predicted that in the next 2 years, there is a good chance that the Flash standard used on the web could be dead. While a darling back in the day of web design and web development, Flash over the years has proven to be a bit of a security risk, leading to several websites and services, such as Twitch, to make the switch to HTML5.

Flash Expected To Be Dead In 2 Years
Flash was a much beloved format for the web back in the day. It led to some pretty interesting web design, and also introduced a new way for people to play games in their browser. However fast forward to today, Flash has slowly been replaced by other formats and according to a report from (via The Verge), it could soon be dead.

Santa Brought A Flash Exploit This Christmas
Flash is known more for the gaping security vulnerabilities that are exposed to the world time and again instead of being the technology that has powered a significant chunk of online content, so much so that even Adobe has started to inch away from it, and many online services have already moved on to something much better and safer. Flash is not yet dead completely which means security vulnerabilities still pose […]