Google Chrome logoThe most recent version of Google’s Chrome browser will now play nice with Apple devices that carry a Retina Display, which is a good indicator of how well Google keeps its promises to the end user after making a commitment to support Retina Display devices with a future version of the Google Chrome web browser. Owners of the spanking new 15-inch MacBook Pro notebooks that will feature the Retina Display can now check out webpages at a resolution count of 2880 x 1800, thanks to Chrome 21. Chrome 21 is not a browser that shies from different operating systems, in fact, it will hum along just fine on the Mac OS, Windows and Linux environments without missing a beat.

In fact, Chrome 21 now boasts of a new API (application programming interface) known as getUserMedia which will enable users to allow Web applications to access their computers’ cameras and microphones without the need to install another pesky plug-in that might result in consuming more system resources. Of course, as with any other new version of a software, this one will come with its fair share of bugs fixes and security patches.

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