Apple and Samsung are letting it all out for the trial of the century. It seems that Apple is gaining the upper hand as it once again presented another compelling internal document from Samsung comparing the Galaxy S with its iPhone. Apparently Apple managed to grab the entire 132-page document from Samsung’s product engineering team that has been translated from Korean. The report, made way back in 2010, reveals how Samsung evaluated its Galaxy S smartphone by using the iPhone as a reference.

As you can see in the slide above, you’ll notice the comparison of the two devices in terms of basic function, browsing, connectivity, messaging, multimedia, and visual interaction effect. In each category, Samsung detailed how its Galaxy S1 could improve more and what Samsung could do going forward. AllThingsD noted that in most cases, Samsung wanted its then-flagship smartphone to work more like the iPhone, thereby strengthening Apple’s previous allegation that the South Korean tech giant “slavishly copied” the iPhone. But the real case here will be to prove that Samsung did not only measured its success with the iPhone, but that it actually infringed any of Apple’s patents.

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