When it comes to guarding its intellectual property, Apple is definitely among the most diligent tech companies. This is the manifest from the sheer number of patents that Apple has to its name. The company is now seeking to patent the design of the iPad Smart Cover.

In the application of the patent, Apple states that in today’s world, it has become pertinent to not only create great products but also design equally great packaging designs so as to interest the users. In fact, effective packaging often makes a user indulge in a product which he may otherwise overlook.

The patent application further states, “While many designs and techniques used to package products have generally worked well in the past, there is always a desire to improve packaging, such that improved functionality and/or appearance is provided.”

Apple claims that the iPad Smart Cover is aesthetically suitable as well as physically convenient for iPad users. In the past, the iPad 2 Smart Cover has been termed ‘frustration free’, which refers to the ease of using it. It is precisely this feature and design of the iPad Smart Cover that Apple is seeking to have patented. The cover has been designed by Apple’s design chief, Jony Ive, together with a large team of other Apple personnel.

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