We know there are certain users who there who are extremely particular about their gadgets, such as color of accessories and whether they match with their wallpaper and etc. Well the good news is that Apple has decided to go with consistency and has updated their line of Smart Covers for the iPad 2, losing and adding a new color along with some minor changes that make it look more consistent.

The orange colored Smart Cover has apparently been dropped, we’re guessing perhaps it’s not a color for an accessory that many are fond of? In place of the orange cover, Apple has introduced a new dark gray cover, which looks a little bit more serious and subdued. Not just content with introducing a new color on the outside, Apple has similar updated the colors of the underneath portions of the Smart Covers.

Previously the Smart Covers had a gray underside, but it has now been updated to match the color on the outside, so your red cover should have a red interior, and your blue cover sporting a blue interior. Supposedly Apple has also updated the colors of their existing polyurethane covers, making them more “vibrant”. Prices have remained untouched.

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