It has been a little over two weeks since Guild Wars 2 was launched, and both NCsoft and ArenaNet have come forward and revealed that the game has since sold an impressive 2 million copies! This is good given the time frame, and let’s not forget that digital sales were suspended for over a week as ArenaNet worked to ensure that there was enough space on their servers so that the gameplay experience would not affect both new and existing players. Also according to NCsoft, they are boasting that there are over 400,000 players online concurrently which we have to admit isn’t too shabby!

The problem with MMOs is that despite the good intentions behind them, usually the lack of players translated into a neglected game that would eventually die out. At the same time having a large player base is also a marketing strategy that will encourage players to give it a go. If you think that World of Warcraft isn’t for you, especially with the monthly subscription fee, then perhaps Guild Wars 2’s impressive stats might be good enough for you to check the game out.

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