Duke Nukem Forever lived up to its name, but Obsidian’s Kickstarter outing with Project Eternity certainly did not take eternity to fulfil. In fact, Project Eternity actually achieved their funding goal yesterday, having a time window of over a month left to laze about celebrating this success. Needless to say, the team is happy to announce that they have new stretch goals implemented into the Kickstarter campaign, where some of the stretch goals include a new playable race, class and companion for $1.4 million, while topping up that amount with another $200,000 would see a Mac version of Project Eternity being introduced in addition to adding a new major storyline that will be chock-full with new quests, locations, NPCs, and unique loot.

When funding hits $1.8 million, you get yet another playable race, class, and companion to provide more options to grow for your main character. $2.2 million will see a new region thrown into the mix, where it is accompanied by a new faction and another new companion, not to mention Linux compatibility. Anything more than that and you will probably have a unicorn shipped to your doorstep, magical horn and all.

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