When on a shopping spree, it can be quite annoying if you don’t easily find an exact fit for new clothes. In fact, the very issue can force you to take a parade across an entire mall, trying to find just the perfectly-fitting clothes. Not only does it take a whole lot of time, it also pretty much ruins the mood.

No more shall so be the case, thanks to a crop of new body scanners. These body scanners are being installed at 70 malls around U.S. The scanners essentially scan your body and discern your exact size. They are then able to direct you straight to such shops where clothes your size are available.

These new body scanners are called ‘Intellifit Virtual Fitting Room’ and they are able to capture your exact size, with clothes on, through a high-accuracy scanner. It takes the scanner a mere 20 seconds to complete the scan and calculate your size. It then provides you with a list of such shops which have your fit.

This may be just the start of a continuing process for the clothing industry. Imagine such scanners which can measure your exact dimensions and help you place customized clothing orders. The freedom of customizing your own clothes can be a huge incentive for the consumers and may eventually reshape the entire clothing retail.

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