butt-map-1You know, the darndest things do seem to take place on the Internet every single day. Here is a light hearted one to lift up your spirits after you hear of news that a swan was being abused just for the sake of a selfish selfie. An Imgur user who goes by the handle of PaulChanel, has decided to make use of his brains – and butt, to come up with a unique looking map.

PaulChanel is a disabled veteran who gets around on a wheelchair, and he has to go through an infrared butt scan with each time that he gets fitted for a new chair, or even a seat cushion. That mischievous bit of him came out this time, where he took a look at the scanned copy of his butt, seeing the different pressure points identified through their color, and decided to have a hoot by sending said butt scan to artist and mapmaker David Atkinson, the person behind Hand Made Maps.

Atkinson did a masterpiece on the scanned butt map, and came up with a map known as The Island of Gravelous Butticus. PaulChanel loved it so much, he decided to matte it, have it framed before being stashed away lovingly behind museum glass.

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