electrik-beachIf you are a veteran in the battle of the bulge, and find that you happen to be on the losing end most of the time, perhaps it would be prudent to give it another go with the help of Electrik Beach and their brand new 3D full body scanning system that is known as the MyBodee system. With the MyBodee system, users can keep track of their results, letting them focus their efforts on problem areas in order to obtain maximum results. In other words, to make every single sweat drop count.

The MyBodee touchless 3D body scanning system will rely on a Microsoft-powered 3D camera that works alongside advanced rendering software and cloud computing technology, letting it capture, analyze, and report the precise dimensions of any and all body parts in a jiffy. This system will then get to work, as it performs a thorough analysis before sending out customized email reports to a client automatically, and of course, to keep track of progress over time.

The MyBodee system’s manufacturer claims that there is a 70% accuracy improvement over even measurements that were taken by experienced professionals, now how about that for added peace of mind? Chances are, one would be able to find 3D body scanning as a service in European spas and fitness centers, and this has picked up recently. After all, everyone wants to maximize their efforts, right? [Press Release]

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