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Man Scans Butt, Turns It Into Map
You know, the darndest things do seem to take place on the Internet every single day. Here is a light hearted one to lift up your spirits after you hear of news that a swan was being abused just for the sake of a selfish selfie. An Imgur user who goes by the handle of PaulChanel, has decided to make use of his brains – and butt, to come up […]

Electrik Beach 3D Body Scanning System Might Help Whip You Into Shape
If you are a veteran in the battle of the bulge, and find that you happen to be on the losing end most of the time, perhaps it would be prudent to give it another go with the help of Electrik Beach and their brand new 3D full body scanning system that is known as the MyBodee system. With the MyBodee system, users can keep track of their results, letting […]

Adesso NuScan 6000 Omnidirectional Barcode Scanner Is Extremely Versatile
I am quite sure that most of us are pretty much familiar with the hands-free concept when it comes to using our smartphones while driving – as it lets us concentrate more on the road ahead with two hands on the wheel. Well, how about hands-free scanning? This is what the Adesso NuScan 6000 omnidirectional barcode scanner intends to deliver, allowing users at the checkout counter to scan various barcoded […]

Full Body Scanners Not Great At Detecting Weapons
It looks like the full body scanner that airports employ in their security searches, where these are used to check for concealed weapons or bombs. It does give a sense of security for sure to the passengers, but apparently, research that has been conducted by a trio of universities discovered that the Rapiscan Secure 1000 was unable to detect stuff like knives, explosives and guns. Picking up the Rapiscan Secure […]


Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse
When we talk about scanners, most of the time we would have a rough idea on the size and its form factor. Many of us do think of desktop scanners that are roughly the size of a small printer, although there are portable scanners in the market that make life much easier on the move. However, what if there was a way to change the way that scanners worked and […]

Chemical Scanner Might Influence Your Shopping Habits
Being a savvy shopper does take plenty of time and effort these days, especially when new products are flooding the market more and more these days. Having said that, you would also want to eat healthy to remain healthy, and hence organic foodstuff, despite carrying a premium price tag, is gaining popularity. For those who love getting all the tiny details, check out what this Israeli inventor has come up […]

Sanwa 400-SNC024 Film Scanner
How many of you still have your collection of film strips at home, stored away carefully to make sure that the passage of time does not end up destroying the template of whatever precious memories that you have left? Since we are living in a digital age right now, how about taking advantage of technology and turning things around? You can do so with the Sanwa 400-SNC024 Film Scanner. This […]

Hiku Grocery Scanner Makes Shopping More Convenient
Technology is all about making life simpler and more convenient. How much more convenient do you think grocery shopping can get? The Hiku grocery scanner that you see above could serve as a reminder of sorts instead of relying on the usual pen and paper combination. The Hiku grocery scanner will cost you $80 a pop, where it will feature Wi-Fi connectivity, a built-in microphone as well as a scanner, […]

IRIScan Book 3 Accompanied By Readiris Pro
Ah, scanning. I still remember the early days of scanners for the PC, where they came in this particularly huge and unwieldy form factor, being large in nature and of course, was noisy like all get out. Fast forward to today, and scanners have taken on a totally different look without sacrificing on its ability, although you can be sure that advances in the right direction have been made. IRIS […]

Camera System Does Long Range 3D Scanning
3D printing seems to be all the rage these days, but what about 3D scanning? Imagine scanning a particular piece of jewelry that you love, only to have a 3D printer work out the scan into reality using material that are all a-glitter, of course, so that you have a cheap imitation of the real deal. Well, those who have watched Jackie Chan’s CZ12 would have certainly wondered whether such […]

Photon 3D Scanner Is Cheaper Than A Tablet
3D printing seems to be the brand new fad in the world of technology, and it seems that there has been a fair amount of effort put in by relevant parties to ensure that 3D printing is able to be affordable enough for the masses to give it a go. Well, before you do some 3D printing, you might want to perform 3D scanning so that you have the relevant […]

Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner
The moment of truth has arrived for the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner, a device that first had its roots in a crowdfunding project. It seems that the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner has managed to pick up enough dough from the masses in order to make it a reality, where it now retails for $59, and will come with all the functionalities that were promised in the Kickstarter funding campaign earlier […]

HoverCam Document Scanner Updated At CES
[CES 2013] although the idea of scanning all your paper documents is really enticing, but the actual implementation is often more difficult than expected. I have personally tried a number of solutions, and in the end, I fell back on taking photos with a camera or a smartphone. That may not work for official documents that can be re-printed, but for receipts and business cards, it’s pretty awesome.

Canon imageFORMULA P-208 Scan-tini Personal Scanner
[CES 2013] Something tells me that the personal scanner market, while being an extremely niche one, does have its fair share of champions, and Canon could very well give Doxie a run for its money. For instance, the Canon imageFORMULA P-208 Scan-tini personal scanner has just been introduced to the masses, where it measures a mere 2” wide and is more than capable of handling an interesting variety of documents, […]

Doxie One personal scanner makes life easier for $149
The older we get, the more paperwork we need to keep track of. For starters, we do have plenty of receipts throughout the month considering the number of purchases that we make, and apart from writing those down, you can always scan them for digital storage so that you are able to free up more space from boxes at home or at the office. The Doxie One personal scanner intends […]

Smart body scanners can now find clothes that fit exactly
When on a shopping spree, it can be quite annoying if you don’t easily find an exact fit for new clothes. In fact, the very issue can force you to take a parade across an entire mall, trying to find just the perfectly-fitting clothes. Not only does it take a whole lot of time, it also pretty much ruins the mood.No more shall so be the case, thanks to a […]

Cancer scanner halves radiation
So sorry, you are not going to turn into a mutant anytime soon after undergoing a round with this cancer scanner which merges both PET (Positron Emission Tomography)and MRI into a single device, resulting in a new kind of medical technology that boasts of improved image quality and less radiation, thanks to the efforts of particle physicists at the University in Oslo . At the moment, most cancer examinations involve […]

IRIScan Anywhere 3 offers scanning capability just about anywhere
I.R.I.S. has just announced that they will be offering their latest portable scanning device – the IRIScan Anywhere 3, which will come in the form of a cordless portable scanner that will obviously be powered by an internal battery. With the IRIScan Anywhere 3, you are able to put on record various items that tend to go missing when you need them during the most crucial moments, such as paper […]

Mobile fingerprint scanners see action by police force
One of our more unique characteristics would be our fingerprints – it seems that no two people have the same set of fingerprints, making it a unique “signature” that is often used by law enforcement agencies to bring crooks to book. The Met Police have decided to take things one step further, by equipping themselves with mobile fingerprint scanners which are capable of running a fingerprint check against a national […]

RIEGL VZ-400 scanner recreates crime scene in 3D glory
Don’t you just love it how the team at CSI are extremely adept at solving murder cases within an hour – and even so, after throwing in a few commercial spots? Well, truth can be stranger than fiction at times, and we are here to talk about the RIEGL VZ-400 high-tech scanner which is capable of rotating around a crime scene in 360 degrees so that it can later build […]