adesso-scannerI am quite sure that most of us are pretty much familiar with the hands-free concept when it comes to using our smartphones while driving – as it lets us concentrate more on the road ahead with two hands on the wheel. Well, how about hands-free scanning? This is what the Adesso NuScan 6000 omnidirectional barcode scanner intends to deliver, allowing users at the checkout counter to scan various barcoded items rapidly without omissions or errors on first-pass reads. Just how powerful and versatile is it? We are looking at a scan speed up to 2000 scans per second.

The Adesso NuScan 6000 works by letting a 650 nm laser diode within that enables users to scan with precision and accuracy, all from an operating distance of up to 8.5 inches from the barcode as its omnidirectional 24-line scanning engine would pave the way for reliable readings as one swipes or present the items over the scan area in many different angles.

Being sleek in form and compact in size, there is also an adjustable head that makes it a perfect space-saver, targeting busy and limited workspaces. It is sturdy enough to withstand 1 meter drops, and with its hands-free automatic design, it would then be suitable for stationary scanning and minimal handling. Smaller businesses might find it expensive to implement with an asking price of $279.99 a pop. [Press Release]

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