chemical-scannerBeing a savvy shopper does take plenty of time and effort these days, especially when new products are flooding the market more and more these days. Having said that, you would also want to eat healthy to remain healthy, and hence organic foodstuff, despite carrying a premium price tag, is gaining popularity. For those who love getting all the tiny details, check out what this Israeli inventor has come up with – a scanner which is able to alter the way one shops as it can “read” the chemical composition found in foods, drugs and other everyday items that we use.

Do bear in mind that this extremely small device remains limited in its performance, except for a few key applications. Creator Dror Sharon, however, does not want to stop there, but is looking forward to a device in the future that will compile a huge collection of data which enables users to analyze the physical matter that exists all around.

Known as the SCiO, this device happens to be an infrared spectrometer that is no larger than that of a thumb drive. It will target food, pharmaceuticals and horticulture industries, where you point and click the miniature digital wand to see just how many calories that slice of cheese packs, or to know when is the ideal time to harvest that tomato. If it takes off in a huge way, there will be plenty of pointing and clicking in the future, that’s for sure!

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