If you enjoyed using the iControlPad for your iPhone but wished there were more features to it, you’re in luck as its manufacturer, Product 3 LLC, has launched a new Kickstarter project where they will be working on the iControlPad’s successor, the iControlPad 2. It will include a 5 row keyboard, dual analog controls, and best of all it will be compatible not just with iOS devices, but with a variety of other operating systems as well, such as Android, PC, Mac, Linux and etc. It’s even open source which means that if you wanted to use the iControlPad 2 to control a robot, you will be able to hack it and reprogram it to do so! However for the less technical savvy, if you just wanted a gaming controller for your mobile device, it should get the job done just fine. Either way if you’d like to see the iControlPad 2 be made into a reality, head on over to its Kickstarter page to learn more or to pledge a donation.

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