For those who were gaming way back when browser games like Arch Mage and Utopia were (and probably still are to a certain extent) popular, then you’re probably familiar with the concept of building a city, raising an army, defending yourself from attacks and launching attacks on enemies. Well if you enjoyed those types of social games, then Ubisoft’s recently announced Assassin’s Creed Utopia might be a game worth keeping an eye out for. Scheduled for a release in winter, Assassin’s Creed Utopia is a social game where it allows players to build up a town, train assassins, pit them against your friends or join up with your friends against a common enemy. It will be set in the 17th century in the New World and will be making its way onto mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. We’re not sure how this will play out but it sounds like an interesting concept and we’ll be keeping an eye out for it in the future.

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