Game companies would obviously love it if gamers were to keep playing their games, but there are many reasons why gamers might stop playing a game halfway. It might be boring, it might be too difficult, they might be too busy with their life, and so on. However, Ubisoft has embarked on a rather creative way to try and get gamers back.

According to gamers who have played Far Cry 6, it seems that Ubisoft is sending some of these gamers emails asking them to come back to the game. However, it isn’t your typical “We’ve missed you” kind of email, but rather it’s an email written by the game’s antagonist, Anton Castillo, who is played by Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito.

It basically hints at and shames the player for not being good enough for spending as little time as they did in Far Cry 6. It thanks players for giving him free rein in Yara, and that “Surely you can do better than this”. It is kind of funny and we have to say that it is also rather creative how Ubisoft is trying to use such a method into trying to rile players up into getting back into the game.

However, some have suggested that this is actually kind of a poor marketing tactic and that essentially it ends up feeling like a spam email, but what say you? Any Far Cry 6 players out there feel that this email actually convinced them to start playing the game again?

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