Recently, Ubisoft announced their plans to start introducing NFTs to their games, with Ghost Recon Breakpoint being the first game from Ubisoft to do so. The idea is that these NFTs would consist of in-game cosmetics and skins. However, it seems that Ubisoft’s experiment with NFTs has been a bust.

This is according to Apex Legends senior character artist Liz Edwards, who discovered that on marketplaces that Ubisoft was using to sell its NFTs, only 15 (at this time in writing) have been sold. Given that there are definitely more than 15 players in the game, this seems to suggest that gamers aren’t that keen on purchasing NFTs yet, or at least not in Ubisoft’s case.

Eurogamer has calculated the value of these NFTs to be around 445.49 Tezos, which converted to fiat currency is about $1,755.30. To be fair to Ubisoft, it is possible that maybe it needs more time for it to grow in popularity, but then again, with some people willing to spend $650,000 on an NFT yacht, perhaps gamers just aren’t happy with Ubisoft’s implementation.

NFTs have grown massively in value over the years, with many fetching hundreds of thousands of dollars. This might explain why Ubisoft is so interested in the tech and wants to implement it in its games, but for now it seems that the company’s efforts are off to a bad start.

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