Xbox 720While job listings and rumors might have pointed at Microsoft releasing the Xbox 720 in the not-so-distant future, the console has not been confirmed by the company, leaving many to wonder about its status. Well according to website SemiAccurate, it looks like the Xbox 720 could be delayed as there might be some manufacturing problems with its processor. While the Xbox 360 uses an IBM PowerPC chip, the next-gen Xbox is rumored to be using a chip by AMD that should be rolling off the production lines in December.

The problem is apparently due to the chips not being good enough to pass testing which means that there could be some delay. Many believe that the next-gen Xbox could be unveiled at E3 next year, giving Microsoft a little less than a year to sort it out which hopefully is enough time. Perhaps by “delay” they mean that initial batches released might not be enough to meet the demand, but then again this is a delay of a console that hasn’t even been confirmed yet, so we guess it’s hard to feel disappointed. Either way we’ll take this with a grain of salt and suggest you do the same, but we will be keeping our eyes peeled nonetheless.

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