Notifications on smartphones are an important feature as they keep us informed of new messages, emails and etc. However depending on how the notification was designed, it can either be informative or just downright annoying (think the popup alerts prior to iOS 5). Well the folks at N4BB have managed to get their hands on a couple of slides that detail the notification system that will be arriving on Blackberry 10 devices. These have been given the names Cinnamon Toast and French Toast, with the former displaying notifications via the lock screen, with more information being displayed depending on the angle the phone is held. French Toast on the other hand has been described as a means of recovering accidentally deleted items. It seems like RIM has put a lot of thought into Blackberry 10 although it is a pity we will only be seeing it in 2013. What do you guys think? Like what you see so far, and do you think this will be enough to make Blackberry 10 competitive?

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