It is rather common to hear of great ideas being turned into Kickstarter projects these days, collecting funds from other like minded people with the money but not necessarily having the technical know how. Well, the Emoki idea is now a Kickstarter project, where these are mind-controlled ears thanks to them being attached to a Neurosky headset. It did make its rounds at the Game Developer’s Conference 2012 earlier in the year, where the Neurosky headset will be able to read electric signals passively from your brain, ranging from the delta to theta, alpha, beta and gamma waves, while analyzing such data in order to measure your level of concentration. All of that will culminate in your ears’ movement.

The ears can perk up, droop down, or wiggle back and forth, signifying different states of mind. The goal of $35,000 has nearly 90% left to go, so hopefully with just shy of a month left, those who are interested will be able to pitch in.

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