Flying drones are not new anymore, but how many of them carry a payload of ping pong balls that it drops on your target? Here is a Kickstarter project, the iStrike Shuttle, which will function as an iOS controlled drone which will carry ping pong balls, looking for unsuspecting victims to scare or surprise them with. The concept was launched at CES last year, and it has gotten its fair amount of attention, and since then, the folks behind the iStrike Shuttle have been hard at work to develop the iStrike Shuttle, making sure it is primed and ready for production.

The thing is, it is 28 days away from its goal of $30,000, having collected $4,581 so far. We are rather miffed that there is no Android version of the app to control the iStrike Shuttle with, as it should not be too hard to develop the app front for Android, leaving this only to be an iOS exclusive at the moment. It will take some fair amount of practice before the iStrike Shuttle is deadly accurate in your hands.

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